Brothers and sisters…it’s time for Lesson 4

30 years in the making, finally Double Dee & Steinski has finished Lesson 4: The Beat with help from ADA.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard an early version of this (the beat! the beat!) in the past on mixes, but might just be thinking of the Cut Chemist Lesson 4, but apparently they started this in 1988. Can’t wait for the animated video.

Anyway, it’s a great mix and listening to the EP. (via The Lloydbrary)


  1. November 1

    Actually Lesson 4 was started 1988. There was a boot or two with a demo version throughout the years. I think we used that bite before, we did in performance for sure.
    Thanks for the post!

    Double Dee

    • November 4

      Thanks for the comment! I’m honoured.

      Yes it should have said 1988, not 1998. Typo – amended. I thought I had heard little bits of it before. Definitely playing one of the tracks on the next podcast.

  2. Thank you, that would be awesome! Of course now I remember, we used that bite in Jazz (1998).

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