#debill – it’s not over yet

The Digital Economy Bill with it’s terrible 3 strikes clause (and copyright police quick amendment backdoor) is being rushed through Parliament – it doesn’t look good BUT it’s 3rd reading is today with the final vote at 9pm.

So still time to contact your MP via WritetoThem http://www.writetothem.com and ask them to not rush the Bill through and that more debate is needed, and thus to oppose the 3rd reading. Or call, I forget the way you can find out that info – Google is your friend (not often you say that, but…)

Here’s mine – Glenda is for the bill, btw:

Dear Glenda Jackson,

Thanks for your previous responses re: the Digital Economy Bill. I know your views differ to mine, but I hope you share my concern that the legislation is being rushed through Parliament in the ‘wash-up’ period. I think this is a mistake for all sides, since this bill has far reaching and probably unintended consequences – which I think will rebound on Britain’s status as one of the economic and creative digital centres of the world.

Also the fact that the BPI were allowed to insert this clause re: disconnection verbatim disturbs me – isn’t this the sort of lobby politics and backroom decisions we’re trying to get away from?

I would like you to oppose the third reading – obviously not because you’re against the bill, but to allow it to be properly debated and seen to be part of a democratic process with the future government (and actually I suspect will have more effect; being seen as not a rushed leftover from the previous & treated with more respect) rather than pass an ill-formed bill which will become the 21st century version of the Dangerous Dogs Act!

For if the clauses are still valid and correct – the new government should also pass it, surely?

So please turn down the 3rd reading, I think this act is going to come back to haunt all of us as is.


Relatio Clash

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