This knife of Sheffield steel: British arms in Libya and Bahrain

(Video is not for the squeamish; then again this is real unlike the Tyler video…)

Sorry to interrupt the music but unless you’re totally immersed in your XFactor/Gaga/CowellWorld you’d have heard of the successful peaceful protests in Egypt – and the more violent ones still going in Libya and Bahrain. The video above is gruelling; showing a peaceful protest gunned down with automatic fire. What you might not know is your government (British, Dutch and probably others) sold them the arms, or approved such sales…same is true of Libya where the tear gas and weapons used on the protesters there was sold via the British Government UKTI DSO, the same government of Hague and Cameron spouting platitudes about peaceful protest and telling such regimes off for using the equipment and arms they sold to them!

And as I wrote to Glenda Jackson – in this time of cuts the military complex is still humming happily, because the government organisation UKTI DSO was at the IDEX arms fair in the Middle East – I bet that was a jolly funded by us…so not only are they are helping to promote such murder, we are paying for it.

Please write to your MP if you’re in the UK or your representatives…and contact the Foreign Office and other steps mentioned in the article linked above…I of course support the protests and hope that peaceful change comes to all, and people power wins and even gets exported back to the UK…so I’m horrified to find that weapons sold from this country are being used to quash that, to regimes with bad human rights records and oppressive regimes.

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