Lawrence Lessig – I Was a Teenage Republican CC Supporter

Genius, especially the end…I think as with Brown here, Clinton and Obama we expect the New Labour/Left wing/Democrats to ‘do the right thing’ with copyright and the internet (I’m reminded of my MP Glenda Jackson here – she’s really good and a socialist – apart from copyright; she seems to be siding with the powerful Hollywood lobby as an (ex?) actress) but as we’re experiencing with the Blairite Queen Mandelson and co. and ACTA it’s far from the truth. Not to say y’all should become right-wing gun-totin’ Republicans, but it’s a point of making ourselves heard to our representatives whatever their party…because whatever ‘label’ they have they do have to serve us – and sometimes you might be surprised.

And if we get a hung or *deep breath* Conservative parliament (touches wood, crosses self, etc.) we’re going to have to build bridges with these people, and explain why the Digital Economy Bill is not good for their blessed ‘free’ market at all, neither is ACTA, 3 strikes or any of that – actually the reverse.

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