RC 154: Beatles #3 – Evolver

Collage by Tim, various bits from Google

Talking about a evolution, well of the Beatles, forcibly mashed/remixed and updated within an inch of their floppy moptop fringes. This is what LOVE should’ve sounded like…

We’re bigger than Pod (55Mb, 69 mins)

  • Bob meets the Beatles – from the Meth Minute 39
  • Loo & Placido – Black Beatles
  • The Black Beatles – Reggae and Shout (from Trojan Beatles Box Set)
  • Willie Lindo – Norwegian Wood (aka A Darker Shade of Black from Trojan Beatles Box Set)
  • Assagai – Hey Jude (from 365 Days Project)
  • DJ Earworm – No One Takes Your Freedom
  • DJ Zebra – Come Closer
  • Supremes – Come Together
  • team9 – Swan Together
  • DJ Earlybird – Superstition Can’t Buy Me Love
  • DJBC – Whatcha Want, Lady (from The Beastles)
  • Soundhog – I Wish I Was a Bulldog
  • Go Home Productions – Jet Lady Joe
  • Negativland – Helter Stupid
  • Breeders – Happiness is a Warm Gun
  • michL bridge – fixing a hole (from Hippocamp Ruins Sgt Peppers)
  • Ernest Ranglin – You Can’t Hear Me
  • The Beatles – Hide Your Love (team9 remix)
  • The Beatles – Golden Dreams (fidelski’s I have a Dream remix)

Evolver cover 1

You can hear all the other Beatles podcasts at these links:


  1. Doug
    March 13

    It didn’t show up in iTunes. Are you on the outs with them?

  2. March 13

    No – I had libsyn fail on upload many times, problems with their server or using torrents while uploading. I’ll give it another ping, otherwise I’ll have to reupload.

  3. March 13

    P.S This feed should now validate – weird invisible line break character or something not differentiating from URL and length. Very odd. iTunes IHNI…

  4. March 13

    p.s. Just checked iTunes – still there and seems to be working via the ITMS and iTunes as a podcatcher…feed is fine too. Noticed that the title had reverted to radioclash’s podcast but it’s still there and findable if you search for Radio Clash Podcast…

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