RX enters the ring (why does that sound rude) for Gravel

RX, the mashup/cutup artist who I interviewed last June talking about his presidential aspirations is now apparently working with libertarian US Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel on his presidential campaign…you’ll hear the Helter Skelter track on Radio Clash very soon, but here is the other track he did with Mike last year:

It’s great to see rx actually creating the sort of cutup not only in video but for a bigger political cause, and get involved with the Presidential elections – if only Obama and Clinton were this switched on in their online campaigns, willing to adapt and take risks.

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  1. Ian
    April 28

    I DL’d his songs and there very cleverly done. I can not imagine how painstaking it must be to sort through hours of audio clips to get those songs together.

    Thanks for the clip.

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