Radio Clash 56: Cats, Cults and Cutups

timbearcub: uploading now
timbearcub: it has marching bands with punk covers
timbearcub: covers of sweet songs by mad people
timbearcub: cat related mashups
timbearcub: cult recordings used in modern dance tracks
bristolians1971: last of the canada pics en route to you
timbearcub: and some green day and supremes mashed up
timbearcub:oh and Beautiful South covering Don't Fear the Reaper
bristolians1971: nice

Business as (un)usual for show56, click for goodness (41Mb, 68mins)


Relatio Clash


  1. Cactus
    December 12

    Great show as always, particularly appreciated fuTuro, Canned Peaches, Twink and the marching band!

  2. December 12

    Cool show!

    Blown away with the knowledge behind the sample of the Mylo track. Radio 1 (which I am forced to listen to all day at work) are playing it loads and it was really interesting to find out where that came from.

    Now, I can look all smart and shit when I tell people at work about it!

  3. December 17


    I’ve just found the email from Wayne back on the 5th in my spam folder so disregard my comment in the podcast – he’s a great guy.

    Seems my spam filter hates AOL…?

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