Yes I’ve given into the Myspace Borg

Anyone else out there?

Personal myspace:

Radio Clash music myspace:


  1. NiloticBear
    June 23

    Yeah but all the cool bears are on livejournal. 😉

  2. June 23

    I know – seen the really funny lipsynching thread? 😉

    I never felt like joining livejournal tho…it’s very US-based, not that many European bears, they seem to be on gaydar…

  3. NiloticBear
    June 24

    yeah..that was a really fun/ Two of the bears (the one with the black beard and “big red”) in this video have really great taste in music: Most of the other videos are gone now… I’m hopeing there will be a 2005 Video Lypsync.

    That’s ok if you don’t want to do livejournal..the slot for “Bear named Tim who likes Low” is actually filled.

  4. June 27

    I think I know who that is: Timmybear?

    I was going to start an association called Bears and Cubs Who Are Called Tim -because I’ve been online since 1996 I’ve had my share of ‘oh I didn’t think there were any other bears/bearcubs called Tim…’ 😀

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