Radio Clash 57: Xmess Survival Guide

Full of festering, sorry festive cheer, here’s the last Radio Clash of 2005 with loads of Xmess mashups, a special collaboration by the Ginger Bear Conspiracy and Timbearcub, a few tunes suggested by the Hand of Kirk.

Have a happy Xmas and and hopefully see you in the new year!

Shake yer sleigh bells (66mins, 39Mb)


  1. Lee (nlotic)
    December 22

    Jose Gonzalez is probably my favorite discovery of 2005. Do you have the Jose Gonzalez vs The Knife Mashup of this song?

  2. Paul
    December 22

    LOSING MY SLEDGE made me lose my shit. It’s the Xmas anthem for a new generation. Sooo fucking genius. 🙂

  3. Vim
    January 3

    Class on clash etc.

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