You wait for one set in Second Life and two come at once…

DJNoNo Ulysses

I seem rather a solvent character in Second Life, unlike my First Life, so this Sunday eve I’m staying there – DJing in fact in 2 places.

First I’m DJing for an hour at the LGBT Awareness Day at The Cove in Xenia (SLURL) from 10am PST/SL and 6pm UK time – it’s currently on and rocking (full of virtual bearzes!), and Amanda Shinji from the Parkade is on for the hour after me, it’ll be a hoot, expect loads of out n’ proud and gay themed sounds from me, although not the first obvious choices (LOL).

Then jumping into a jet and flying over to the Parkade (SLURL) where I’m DJIng at Traffic jAmbient for 2 hours from 12pm-2pm PST/SL which will be 8pm-10pm UK time.

So although I can only afford to be at home I’m kind of OUT, of sorts 😉

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  1. carlos from tijuana
    November 11

    RX!!! of course!!

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