Playing at the Parkade club tonight at 10pm-12pm GMT (2-4pm SL time)

DJNoNo Ulysses

I, well DjNoNo Ulysses (pictured above) will be playing mashups, remixes, cool tunes, even some drum and bass at the Parkade club in Second Life tonight from 10pm-12pm GMT, 2-4pm PST/SL time click here for SLURL and here just for the MP3 streaming feed.
Will be handing out free t-shirts to who ever wants one…

This will be a regular thing, DJNoNo Ulysses Djing at Monday nights at the Parkade…hey it’s one way to make a living (poledancing wasn’t going to well LOL)

And I promise not to get this drunk and poledance like this *embarassment* (virtually NSFW):

DJNoNo poledancing 1

DJNoNo poledancing to a 6ft chicken
I’ve heard of chicken poledancing for bears but this is ridiculous…

More snapshots from a virtual bear’s life…


  1. January 23

    hysterical pictures! HAHAHAHA…i just got home from work and saw this post so sorry I missed it.

  2. January 23

    It was a lot of fun, played a real mix of drum and bass, rave, mashups, electro, pop, rock, and some very eclectic stuff like One Two Cha Cha by RD Burman and Shirley Ellis at the start.

    They hated my DJ Mozart though….oh I played the Billie Dan I borrowed from your set at Parkade and they loved it! And the Kiss Bootie one…

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