Radio Clash 119: Incomplete Medium (aka ‘Humph Weird’ with DJNoNo)

Back from Trier, via Bastard and OMD (or those OMD Bastards), I muse about the incomplete nature of communication on teh Innernet, surviving silly boots and dad-dancing. Oh and I play some tunes…DJNoNo does some ‘mixing’ via the medium of the Get Stupid room from Trier, so loads of Chas n Dave and polka gets unsurprisingly played.

404 You Know The Score: (77Mb, 1hr 33)


  • rx2008 – Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • RIAA – Armageddon It On (or The Gaye-Pride Apocalypso) (from Tech-Xotica!)
  • I survived Trier
  • Instamatic – Stone Cold Roses
  • Gregorian ABBA – Dancing Queen
  • K.C. and the Sunshine Band – Queen of Clubs
  • Slade – Gudbuy t’Jane
  • Moby – Go (Vitalic mix) (from PalmOutSounds)
  • ninjasonik – Internet Bitch (from PalmOutSounds)
  • Army of Lovers – Crucified (Nuzak mix)
  • Phil n’ Dog – Gay Muppet Bastard
  • Juxtaposeur – Cheers2
  • Georg Schwenk – Tanzende Finger
  • holyghost – LaLaUnlimited
  • Si Begg – Non Stop Cut And Paste (Pirate Soundsystem Remix)
  • – Command Your Rabbits
  • Beatbox Saboteurs – KneesUpMF
  • DJNoNo – SuperCaliBreakz
  • Who Boys – We Will Chop You
  • Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker – Cousin Mosquito #1 (from Songs in the Key of Z)
  • Bastard Pilchard Who Boys
  • Musings about an incomplete medium
  • Pet Shop Boys – To Speak is a Sin (from Very)
  • Slade – How Does it Feel? (from Wall of Hits/Slade in Flame)
  • Who Boys – SF Chopin
  • Have a break have a Time Out
  • Chas n’ Dave – Aint No Pleasin’ You (from Guilty Pleasures Rides Again)


  1. Karsten Ganschow
    January 17

    Hi, sorry but i can not so god English, but i have a question. Where are the Titel Georg Schwenk – Tanzende Finger from? I want the Original Versio from the Titel. By this Version is the start and ending mixt.
    Please help me!

    Best regards

    Karsten Ganschow

  2. January 17

    It’s from a CD called ‘Happy Akkordeon’ I picked up in Germany.

  3. Karsten Ganschow
    January 17

    Thanks, i have by the CD for 2,5€ and i hope it`s right.

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