Radio Clash 52: Bastard Cherry / DJN0n0 ego edition

In which our intrepid hero shuns jumping devil-may-care across the infinite crevice to save the lickle children and thus the whole universe, and decides to go DJ at Bastard and pop his West of Bastard Cherry instead.

Pictures to follow (of the events. not the lickle poor chillun who’ve decided to become grime DJs and pay for it by ravaging the burning suburbs as cracked-up hoodie gangs)

P(l)op yer cherry (37Mb, 1:01)



  1. Cathy
    November 8

    Tim–Why don’t you post links to your/DJNONO files?

  2. November 8

    because they’re not released yet – they will be on the DjNoNo blog when they are, ditto Instamatic. Radio Clash gets the exclusive or upcoming tracks you see…

    Some of them might not be released at all – depends if I’m totally happy with them; if not I don’t like them floating around on the Net. Also with all these episodes of Radio Clash I’m running out of webspace! I need to do some housekeeping first,

    Burn Your Radio – hopefully properly mastered if I get time should be up by next weekend. Cha Cha like it’s Hot, another mix will be up soon (featured in the new Jazz mix), and probably B-Boy Polka / Supercalibreakz.

    Other than those the only time these might see the light of day is on podcasts, or played live. So enjoy the exclusives!

  3. Nilotic
    November 8

    Love “Burn your Radio”…nice work!

  4. Paul
    November 8

    Better listen to DSC275, the rights cashcow has ambled over to the podcast field for turd dropping.

    Doubt many podcasters have the cash or time to fight a fair use fight.

    But I love your shows, I hope they will run and run and….

  5. Conrad Slater
    November 8

    I don’t enjoy this show at all, but that’s ok as the last three show have been REALLY good so all fair in love and podcasting.

    Keep up the good work Tim.

  6. November 9

    Paul: yes I know of the DSC in question and not listened but it feels like it’s scare mongering – rather convenient that he’s been making noises about mashups being a short-lived thing or illegal for years; and that podsafe podshow community needs a promotion kick.

    Unlike Adam I’ve been through the cease and desist process…I know what it’s like. And podcasters don’t have to be scared unless you make money or advertising from your podcast then they have to prove punitive damages…you’ll get legal sabre rattling but there is little they can do. You just sigh, and move servers, and come back up. The rights cops have limited resources, they can’t keep checking if podcasters keep moving servers and restarting…and as most podcasters keep their MP3s on another server that’s another headache, especially if it’s cross country.

    Oh and keep your domain, server and MP3s seperately hosted. means they can’t strike out everything.

  7. Paul
    November 10

    I hope you I right. I just remember the early days of Napster and who would have thought they would have gone after kids and grannies around the world, and then move on to BitTorrent?

    That legal action in the USA didn’t come cheap so someone was funding them to subpoena the telcos, get the billing records, track down the home locations, seize assets, investigate and then prosecute the kiddies and their parents. I guess podcasters wouldn’t get legal aid to defend if it is taken to court, even if they are found not guilty, costs can go either way depending on who’s fisting the judge.

    You are confident you are safe, so long live Radio Clash! Love the show and listen to it in the strangest of places.

    “MI5, you are hit”

  8. Tim
    November 10

    eeerrrrrrr… err. eer…. errrrrrr.. eeer….. eeeerrr. eer… er. er. er…. er.. err.

  9. mr. pants
    November 16

    Just finished listening to Podcast 52. Best one yet. Loved the opening track. Keep up the good work.

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