Tag: Pendulum

September 14 /

Didn’t know El-P was working with Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha, not surprising after the excellent Run The Jewels guest appearance. Really like ‘Digging for Windows’, compared to other solo efforts, this really fits Zack’s flow. And…

August 29 /

You’ll always live on in my imagination, Gene. And he was no stranger to my mashups, either:

September 9 /

http://soundcloud.com/d-j-detweiler/pendulum-tarantula-d-j I was thinking there isn’t enough Dolmetsch & Bass out there, some bangin’ recorder tunes, and I’ve been beaten to it by decades. Here is DJ Detweiler’s 90’s and 00’s remixes, can’t see why they never got released. TOO…

January 26 /