Bootleg bonanza!

Over at my Multiply site I’ve released a lot of bootlegs from last year…kind of a new year’s cleanout!

Highlights include:

Ambient bootlegs from my tbc monicker including ‘Saturday Sunshine’ (Roy Ayers vs Boards of Canada) and a few demos I’ll probably never finish – Cowboy Mary being one (Scissor Sisters vs BOC)
Instamatic ‘Electric Loop’ – Pendulum meets Judas Priest…hear the bootleg that scared them so at Bootie! Run in terror from th dancefloor! Howl in laughter at the Ulysses samples (FACT: Ulysses 31 ripped off Electric Eye’s riff for the ‘action’ theme)

Juicy Clare – B52’s vs Strokes – always throught the bassline was a rip of Planet Clare. Spooky.

DJNoNo – Chitty Chitty Gang Bang (Julie Andrews vs Pendulum vs Capone) FINALLY gets released…still not 100% happy with it but it’s time to let it go and move on to something else.

DJNoNo’s JetBoy Flashback – Cyantific’s Flashback vs Elton Motello, still more of a playout boot than a listening boot, will probably never finish this…and there are a few more ‘No rarities there!

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