Dear Mrs Richie…

I so hope Jeb over at 50 Pound Note actually posts this Open letter to Mrs Ritchie aka Madonna – this is one funny open letter and seems to correlate with other bloggers who were there that have mentioned the terrible Her Madgester’s performance at Coachella.

In a nutshell it describes what’s wrong with her, from expensive tickets to lack of musicality, punctuality and stupid dancers…I wasn’t at the gig, but I so wish I was so I could throw stuff. Or at least provide a more talented heckles than the show she apparently performed.
Choice quotes:

If someone is not holding an instrument, they don’t belong on stage:….I know you started as a dancer, and you still have the moves, so what really is the point of you being flanked by oily dancers in double-knit disco-wear who look like Santino Rice and make jazz hands? “


You played electric guitar: Also great, and I understand you did this on your last tour, but 25 years into your career I’d expect you to know more than three chords. What worked for The Ramones does not work for you. I want to see you playing “Stairway To Heaven”, blindfolded, with your teeth. Also, when you make a production out of striking that last, chiming chord and holding a rock star pose, I’d expect you to be playing the right chord.”

Bwahahaha indeed 😀

Oh the best take off of Madonna is here which really says it all about the new album when a spoof is more interesting…

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