£50 Note 60: $50 Bill now up (1/3) AND NightNurse 43 Podwhores (3/3)

Jeb, Scott, Me

It’s the Mary Tyler Whore Show!

No, it’s the £50 Note 50 Dollar Bill show, the first of the trilogy of podcasts that Radio Clash #96 was 2/3 of (collect the set). All 3 are presented by myself, Scott from Night Nurse and Jeb from £50 Note.

Go listen cos it’s SO funny, and you might get some of the references that bled into my show and then listen to the 3rd installment: Night Nurse #43 podcast – Podwhores!.

I’m still chuckling about the TBB Madonna bits – so wrong yet so, so funny…

Also up again on 50 Pound Note is the later Xmas show I did with Scott and Jeb on Scott’s 30th birthday which I don’t think I mentioned here before…


  1. November 5

    Hey mate — it’s B.P.T 🙂

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