Bastard 94: The Club that Cried Wolf (and Broken Zebras)

Tim at Bastard 94 - the last one, honest!< Photos by Jo (Zephyr - Queen of the Zebras!) Oli and Juggernaut - and yes I was very, very drunk

Only just recovered enough to post that the last ever Bastard (hence the Club that Cried Wolf bit) was amazing – Strictly Kev was amazing to watch (he doesn’t use his headphones most of the time…scary!) and did a great Apache vs Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum (very appropriate) but I think despite the turntablism I preferred the full-on gabba-core insane nuttiness of Audioshrapnel ended Bastard on a more appropriate note. It was less full than Feburary but more appropriate as the hardcore Bastardites were there and more like a family gig – and still got quite insane at the end!
The ending was so appropriate – Dsico and Jon Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ and a group hug with everyone singing…and got quite tearful, me included. It’s like losing a friend, and looks like that is for Bastard – after 4Cartel Mike Startled Zebra! (or is it 5) years of Bootleg chicanery and that is it…incredible influential and important for the London if not UK and International bootleg scene…but more importantly for me it was a club for the last 2-3 years I felt most comfortable in.

It’s small size and lack of ‘tude meant a lot in the era of superclubs and cliquey Hoxton-type bars; and I think CartelMike and CartelJohnny to thank for all the good memories and times – and all the people that played there…

Photos of the event are here at Zephyrs site (great photos!), from Juggernaut’s site (capture the last song well!) and a few from oli including one showing how bald I’ve become 😮

Oh and video and maybe sound to follow…there’s a snippet of video available over at Mr Whitelabel’s site, with SuperCollider also videoing it looks like there is going to be a DVD or torrent of the whole event, or highlights.
Photo by Oli of AudioshrapnelLast Group Hug

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