APB: Radsonic – Weird Out West’

OK to the annoying f–ker on ebay who scooped me literally at the last minute on probably the only copy of Radsonic’s ‘Weird Out West’; I say: may evil karma get you for doing that to me after being the highest bid for 6 days.

I bet the person just wants to resell it anyway…grrr. I hate ebay. I would have preferred to have bought it outright, but the seller didn’t do that. Sigh.
So the only way to maybe ever hear this is to put out a general APB to KLF fans everywhere – anyone got a copy?

It was on the b-side of ‘Ace of Raves’ released in 1992, extremely obscure West Country version of JAMs ‘It’s Grim Up North’.
Me want, for a friend. Willing to pay.

EDIT – there’s also a version by Hardcore Outlaws – don’t know if that is the version I want? (EDIT – for future reference they are the same but the HO version is better quality…)
Found it! Thanks to the KLF list: http://mailman.xmission.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/klf


  1. Cactus
    February 27

    You didn’t actually bid six days before it ended, did you? Rule #1 of eBay: Never bid until the last minute. Keeps the price down. Sorry, can’t help you with the disc though.

  2. Marc
    February 27

    You have to see eBay like a blind best-offer auction (with the added benefit of paying the second bid + one piece), bid your offer at the last time only. There is tools for helping you, like http://jbidwatcher.sf.net. Remember that the person who win the auction have perhaps make a two times higher offer than you, but the rules mas him pay only our highest + one, wich seems unfair at your eyes.

  3. February 27

    ooh thanks Tyler…problem is via the KLF list I’ve now ascertained that there are 2 tracks called Weird Out West – Hardcore Outlaws and Radsonic – so now not sure if this is the right one?

    So bit wary of paying 16 quid to find out…I’ll hopefully find out shortly.

  4. phil
    February 28

    The Radsonic version (if any other exists) is the true original, a few rare copies remain……I know, we made it!
    If there really is a Hardcore Outlaws version, I’d like to hear it…any pointers?

  5. openthepodbaydoorhal
    July 4

    I have a copy of Radsonic ‘Ace of Raves’ and ‘Weird out west’. Numbered 315 of 500. It has the stickered sleeve plus another sticker with the backing still on and a printed insert proudly presenting the ‘first independant limited edition 12″ single from Radsonic’. It also has a handwritten phone number on. The vinyl is in mint condition! I am going to put it on ebay if you’re interested. Cheers, Mark.

  6. James
    April 25

    I realise this post is from 2006 but I actually have a copy of this! (The Radsonic version) looks like the first pressing as well (001)

    Happy to sell it if anyone out there still wants it!!



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