Zombie Lemons

Something went really weird with iPodder lemon tonight…

So picture the scene, connect, load up DVD (Dawn of the Dead, still spooked, prefer the original tho, wish I’d watched Spirited Away my other choice), watch, come back to a root drive with 9Mb….eeek! Zombie harddrive…

So podcasty people think of the poor people who’ve just bought a DVD-writer to shovel all this stuff (most of it music – you guessed right?) off of an already stressed hard disk…especially if you have like 7×20 or 30Mb files in your feed….:-( from a time when 28Gig was a lot…hell the ‘giant’ 8gig from previous computer but-one is still in there too. Damn I need a new computer…

I still can’t work out why it decided to redownload 2-3 weeks worth of podcasts from 30 feeds tonight….damn weird,

Relatio Clash

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  1. February 17

    Mine does that too. I use BlogMatrix Jager and it’ll suddenly reload the entire rss list of a site. Actually, your’s more often than any other (but I only have your’s, Radiozoom’s and a bunch from the internet archive). Maybe it’s something to do with the program people use to encode their rss’s-a bug in the program changing the “post time” of each entry instead of just the new entry which tells all the newsreaders to re-download the whole archive.
    Love the show by the way.

  2. February 17

    odd…I’m not shifting the files around different servers like some do because of this dot.mac thing and bandwidth – I used to get that a lot with Coverville until I noticed it was a different server – ditto Insomnia. Seems to have settled down tho.

    So I thought it was the dot.mac thing meaning loads of people have moved, but it started doing it on mine too and I haven’t edited or moved anything, either the blog RSS or the timed/date or size of the files.

    Glad you liked the show tho, even if it’s insisting that you MUST HEAR IT several times by redownloading itself :-D. Not so subliminal persuasion LOL… No seriously it’s very worrying, especially for those on capped b/width, they won’t appreciate it…

    Anybody have an idea what this could be?

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