thanks to DJ Jay-R & new podcast

Thanks to good friend of mine DJ Jay-R for the mention on his blog…

RadioClash have their own webpage on now! It features downloads of features different Bootleg/Mash-Up artists if you’re looking for new music other than the usual stuff you normally hear. Congrats TimBearCub! I miss you, babes!
I hope your week is going well.

The news is that I helped Jay-R to setup his own podcast feed via Blogger and Feedburner – he’s an ace hiphop DJ in San Fran so his mixes should be interesting…also if I’ve got it correct it’s gonna be a first, a mix-only podcast (I know there are hip-hop shows with talking, but he’ll be playing the latest tunes in a mix I think, like a mixtape).

Anyway check out and subscribe to his feed, especially if you’re into hip hop:


  1. mike chappelear
    February 6

    i enjoyed your podcast. informative and enjoyable. i just released a new album, albeit not mashup or hip-hop. i’m offering up a track from it for the inspired to take it on to remix, mash or sample. let me know what you think of this.

    here’s the link:

  2. February 6

    cool I’ll check it out.

    Sorry for my OTT Comment Spam plugin if you got any odd messages…I’ve stopped it (I was getting a lot of comment spam y’see)

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