1. Cody Duncan

    Is this the only letter you have received? This looks more like a “you have something that wholly belongs to us, take it down” anti-piracy notice than a complaint that your creation is an infringement.

    • 6/21/2013

      Yes this is the first and only notice. Having had these before this is what they look like, they don’t take any prisoners or make any friends.

  2. Freetard

    I will happily host it on my Canadian-located server; this very clearly meets non-infringing standards included in our new Copyright Act here, so RIAA can get stuffed if they try to nuke it.

    • 6/22/2013

      So is Canada quite mashup friendly now? Looking for a backup host for Radio Clash…

  3. 6/23/2013

    My host unplugged both of my sites on the 20th over this. Multiple calls, I’ve been told my case has been escalated, site’s still down days later…. I was mirror 1, 2 and “complete beastles”..

    Beastiemixes turned 7 a few months ago, and I’d not had a single complaint until now.

    I started the site to be a living archive of Beastie Boys remixes, where people could come at any time and find them in one place instead of being scattered all over the internet, or worse, not found anymore. That archive is currently dead…

    • 6/24/2013

      Sad to hear that…but I doubt they’d go for other things, although you might find your relationship to your host changes (mine did, so had to switch back in 2004 when I got my first C&D). Interestingly hosts are more mashup friendly nowadays, sad to hear yours pulled first and asked questions later, might has been surprisingly good and laid back about this.

      I’d not let yourself be scared though, I was after my first, but now I’m like, whatever. They can’t take your house away (what house? I have nothing!), they can’t usually prove damages (I don’t even have advertising – they could pay me back for all the free promotion I do on their shit though), mashups are in a legal grey area – only grey because the labels refuse to honour fair use and parody laws in the U.S. but they are also scared of case law being generated.

      So they and their organisations act like petulant bouncers and throw legals at you, but I doubt they’d actually want to fight. Difference is in Switzerland and Germany they are more litigious, but given the US law is actually already partly mashup & parody friendly they don’t want to push it too far. Just they act like they have the law on their side, but unless there are provable damages – and in the free mashup/remix world of people doing it for fun and helping promote their products for them – or even being paid on the sly to do so by same labels – they don’t really have a case. And I doubt they’d want to start one.

      I’d take down the infringing files for a short while then put them back up. They move onto something else quickly. Or fight as I have with the EFF and ORG I’ve requested legal advice from, and the Boing Boing coverage. They hate press & legal involvement like that. Make a lot of noise, you are not alone.

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