Hear the dj BC Beastles Mix

This is what went out on Sunday night as part of Beastles Day on Radio Clash Live, and still getting Boing Boing visitors (yes we got Boing Boinged and also linked from Cory’s personal Tumblr – thanks Cory!) so thought I’d upload the dj BC exclusive preview mix to Soundcloud.

Some new, some old, all good, all Beastles! Particularly like the tribute to MCA which you can hear here and on the album. If you’d listened on Sunday you’d have heard all of Ill Submarine scattered across the 18 hours (!) of Beatles Bootleg Mania (and quite a lot of crazy covers). 400 of you dropped by to listen – which is a record for the station so far – thanks! 😀

Tracklist of the mix:

  1. No Sleep Til The Sun
  2. Mother Nature’s Rump
  3. Drive My Car Thief
  4. Bellymovin
  5. Hide A Little Something Away
  6. Tripper Trouble
  7. Move Prudence
  8. I Feel Fine Right Now (Extended)
  9. Glasses From The Night Before
  10. Let It Beast
  11. Flying In The Cut
  12. Anna’s MCs
  13. Don’t Let MCA Down

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