Madonna Has a Kiki…all over the interwebs

This is gonna be a squeee-filled post and mega namedroppy, but really I don’t care – if one of your favourite bands and one of the best pop bands of all time likes one of my mashups, then girl, I am gonna SQUEE like a bitch.

Yes on Friday, while I was travelling to deepest darkest Essex aka The Land That Wifi (or 3G) Forgot, Scissor Sisters posted my latest mashup ‘Madonna Has A Kiki’ to their Lets Have A Kiki blog and official Facebook page with a lovely ‘Thanks’.

But hold on things are gonna get crazier yet (apologies if I get the sequence of events wrong, since it’s so hard to work out exactly when things are posted!) so Hard Candy a big blog picks up on it calling it ‘quite frankly genius’, and so does Instinct magazine calling it a ‘miraculous mash-up’ and DLQNT posted it saying ‘possibly the gayest remix of “Vogue” we’ve ever heard’ which made me smile. Also It’s Pop said ‘The result is camper and even sexier than Tom Daley on Grindr at Frisco Pride.’ which was also very good 😉

And it got the thumbs up from BuffetLibre which means a lot to me, their covers projects rocked!

I also got the odd comment saying it was a ‘trainwreck’ and that it ‘sounded like two songs at once’…so no change there then 😉

But the most surprising one was when Perez Hilton posted it saying ‘Oh guuurrrrlll, that melodious concoction is marvvveeelloouuuss! Ladies with an attitude AND Fellows that are in the mood are totes gonna LOOOVE it!’.

Props to DJ Jay-R and the Vogue Brawl page who got to hear it first on Facebook – also n0rthernlad who was way ahead of the rest as I suspect Jason Tells It Like It Is was too with the GYBO ref (yes GYBO and Mashstix where the first other places I posted it apart from here and Soundcloud) and GangsterSayRelax for reposting it when the Soundcloud downloads ran out (oops)

So thanks all – and if I didn’t mention you I’m sorry it’s like a fucking Oscar speech and I’m sure all my mashup brethren are rolling their eyes like marbles at the moment so need to keep it short. But hey, this doesn’t happen to me that often.

And if you want to hear the mashup in question – still up on Soundcloud for a preview, and you can download it here in lovely 320kbs MP3!

Now back to watching Cat Face and cooking pizza. Yes a glamorous life…

Relatio Clash

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