Madonna Has A Kiki – drag queen version

OMFG I can tick off one of my bucketlist and die happy now, cos a drag queen had synched one of my mashups. A proper working queen, dollars and all. I missed this, I knew my Madonna Has A Kiki mashup has legs, but not amazing legs LIKE THAT…thank you Morgan McMichaels and crew, love the catwalk.

I think someone also did a choreography to this a few years back, but can’t find it now? Maybe the copyright trolls got it 🙁

Original can still be downloaded here.

In a similar mood, here’s a pearoast of my Frankie Goes to Hollywood vs Scissor Sisters mashup, which according to Jake Shears excellent Pride mix, Frankie’s Relax (Sex Mix) was the inspiration for the whole of the Night Work album, which is STILL my second favourite SS album after the debut. I knew it!

Happy Pride! Hope to see you at London Pride next Saturday…thinking of doing Duckie too.

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