Captain Obvious – Madonna Has A Kiki (Madonna vs Scissor Sisters)

My latest mashup is so unapologetically gay it would spontaneously set a Chick-Fil-A on fire with it’s glamourous flamboyant hot mess campness!

It’s Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ vs Scissor Sisters ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ – I so LOVE the Kiki track still, it’s not true so when I found the acapella I had to make it even camper. In fact camp as a row of tents but then so am I when at a Kiki 😉 BIG AIR MWAHS to Ronald Koenders and CjR for various gorgeous accessories.

Download 320 MP3 here:
Captain Obvious – Madonna Has A Kiki (Madonna vs Scissor Sisters)

BTW I re-created the Scissor Sisters Kiki artwork in under 30 minutes…it was the easiest thing about this!

Not my first Scissor Sisters mashup (I’ve done four others and a demo – Light of Pleasure, Comfortable Run, Mama Believe Me Now and Ghetto Sister Peach which became Ghetto Tits and Cowboy Mary and not my first Madonna mashup using a sneaky bit of Junior Vasquez either. Which strangely got ripped off by someone years ago but they’ve disappeared with their copy of my mashup with it, so.


  1. Jason Durocher
    January 31

    I tried to download “Madonna has a Kiki” but it didn’t work. I in the past, and recently tried to download it on sound cloud, but that didn’t work either. Is there any way anyone knows how to help me? I have a gig tomorrow, and this track would blow a piece of pussy up on the dance floor.


    Desperately seeking a Madonna Kiki

  2. megan
    March 8

    hi, would you please email me the file? i cannot get it to download; the link opens as a media player for me. mesquires at gmail. thanks.

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