Long May The Acid Reign – original track on Beatport

Long time in the works, but 303 Acid House compilation ‘Acid Reign’ has been released as a Beatport exclusive today – and it contains a track by yours truly on it (as fingertrouble).

Blurb goes something like this:

Originally conceived as a replacement for the bassist in a band, the TB-303 was not initially a commercial success. It took innovators such as Spanky, DJ Pierre and Herb J (Phuture) to experiment with the instrument to create the new, now familiar squelchy sounds that formed the cornerstone of the acid house movement. This compilation brings together producers influenced by the last 20+ years of dance music to create a collection of tracks across genres, all linked with the characteristic sound of the 303.

A lot of fun to do, and of course if you’ve been around here a bit you might’ve guessed my love for Acid House and the influence it had on me. I started this track on Android mobile phone apps like Caustic, RD3 – Groovebox and Uloops (now PocketBand Pro) really to prove to myself and others you could create a track on those apps. Then I took the loops and added VSTs, drums, synths and other 303 lines in Ableton. Most of my tracks start pretty wonky/odd (yes I do original tracks from time to time – rarely finish nor release them), weird noises and time signatures and tempos – so it’s always hard to get them to pull into something approaching a 4/4 meter!

You can hear my track on Soundcloud – feel free to listen, share & buy. Share & buy! That’s what the SRSLY Cybernetic Corporation says, anyway 😉

And thankfully there’s far better tracks on there by Mark Archer (yes him of Altern-8 fame), Celebrity Murder Party under various guises, Dunproofin, House Machine (aka Niallist), James Edwards and OscarTG. It goes on full release from other digital outlets on 19th June…so it will be available at other places (iTunes etc).

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