Proto acid house from 1982

I’ve always maintained that Heaven 17’s masterpiece is an early acid house gem, partly because it was one of the first tracks to utilise the then new Roland TB303 in it’s squelchy (if not filter sweeped) glory. The 12″ mix makes this more clear.

The original video is very prescient for modern times – showing a distaster or financial ‘crash’ in the aftermath Day the Earth Stood Still monochrome, echoed later in the beginning of the second Resident Evil film, and filmed outside the Bank of England (and is that Kings Cross St Pancras or Paddington Station?) which makes the line about ‘and now the bank is broken’ comes in sharp relief, as well as the horror references and surrealism in the vein of Meyer Deren.

You’d not expect a normal love song from Heaven 17 would you? And they don’t disappoint.

Although I can’t stop thinking Glenn Gregory looks like a grown up Draco Malfoy in this…

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