RC 289: Pooh Sticks

A bear of little brain playing acoustic pooh sticks with lots of musical honey, from songs about sheep to a house party Fox, 8-bit grunge covers to Victorian space hip-hop, Spanish funk to castles in space, ancient synthesisers to arabic hiphop, and Clangers and steam engines oh my!

And of course the usual helping of Bollywood disco, funk, acid, electronica, shoegaze, library music, neo-classical, punk and of course a tribute to the Queen of Soul. 

Pull off that wig! But don’t tell me to keep calm and carry on [/inner diva]… (202Mb, 2:12)

  • Vernon Elliott – Effects: Ivor chuffing
  • Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
  • LilDeuceDeuce – Beep Beep I’m a Sheep (feat. TomSka & Black Gryph0n)
  • Ian Fondue – S33ther
  • oki – acid 303 14
  • The Modern Lovers – Dignified & Old
  • Sadhana Sargam – Saat Samundar Paar
  • Asha Bhosle – Jab Chaye
  • Lone – Hyper Seconds
  • Gwen Mccrae – Keep The Fire Burning (UK Club Remix)
  • Azul Y Negro – Mar De La Tranquilidad
  • Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun (Extended Version)
  • Spray – She’s (Not) In Parties
  • Danny G & the Major 7ths – If You Were Mine (Come on Live Long Remix)
  • Oozay – Situation (Phone Version)
  • Dee Lite – What is love
  • Ahmed Fakroun – Soleil Soleil
  • Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know
  • Galaxie 500 – Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste
  • Claude Larson & Manuel Landy – Break At 800
  • Nils Frahm – A Place
  • Vernon Elliott – From “The Bags”
  • Isao Tomita – Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
  • Ensemble D’Ondes De Montréal – Feuillets Inédits: No. 4. Lent
  • Tyler the Creator – Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)
  • Rilo Kiley – A Better Son/Daughter
  • Tim Minchin – Not Perfect

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