Radio Clash 120: You Can’t Get There From Here

Illustration by the mighty Chris Foss

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Crap! This Strangely Space themed podcast beams down and takes all your M&Ms in the middle of the night.

And hides your video remote.

And stuff that only bored greys ever seem to do….

For any new listeners this podcast always has an Explicit rating in iTunes for very good reason

All fazers fire at Maximal Warpspeed Nonce!: (66Mb, 1:33)


  • Ten Masked Men – Genie in a Bootle (from Puritan Blister)
  • Aggro1 – Katie Enlow The Chain v. Rammstein
  • Sway Feat Chamillionaire – Up Your Speed (Pt II)
  • RIAA – Sexy Caravan (from Sounds for the Space-Set)
  • Gershon Kingsley and Maureen Forrester – Swing A La Turca (from WFMU)
  • dj lobsterdust – do ya think im decepti?
  • DJ Moule – Dance to my Humps
  • Alanis Morisette – My Humps (video)
  • Peaches – My Dumps (video)
  • RIAA – Mechanical Robot Man (from Sounds for the Space-Set)
  • Juxtaposeur – Moonconversation
  • Beatbox Saboteurs – Star Trek
  • Leonard Nimoy – If I Had a Hammer
  • solcofn – Glamorous Colours
  • RIAA – The Wonder Is All Around Us (from Sounds for the Space-Set)
  • Emily In Love ft Ricardo and Pia – Lullaby (from CorpId 21 )
  • Strung Out on OK Computer – Paranoid Android
  • Michael Nyman – The Garden Is Becoming A Robe Room (off Draughtsman’s Contract OST)
  • Who Boys – Strange Pyramid (off Good The Bad and The Who Boys)
  • FU Jack White + other rambles
  • OMD – The Beginning and the End (off Architecture and Morality)


  1. W.A. Duck
    June 3

    Great show as always Tim (and not just because you satisfied my need for a FM mash-up AND Rammstein – my secret guilt).

    With regard to the whole Jack White thing, back in college our station used to play an “LP Complete” every night. I discovered a whole lot of good music that way. The only time we ever got into trouble was when I played The Circle Jerks “Wonderful” album (we usually didn’t get to pick the disc). Someone apparently found “Killing for Jesus” offensive. Ah well, can’t please everyone.

  2. Jumpthesnark
    June 3

    Alanis doing My Humps — holy crap. I can go deaf now, because I’ve heard it all.

  3. Pete
    June 3

    Thanks Tim. It’s very flattering to be included in such a playlist.
    Regarding Fleetwood Mac boots, how about my personal favourite Gold Dust Ragga by Hoonboy. Check it out on DJ C’s excellent Bush Mix over at


  4. June 4

    oooh nice site, downloading those now.

    I still have a very soft spot for Billie Jungle!

  5. toyotaboy
    June 6

    I live in chicago, and that jack white thing was a big deal. They even played an audio clip of the conversation recreated with a “chris rock” imitator as jack white, which only made it more entertaining. He started attacking the DJ personally, and she’s like “Hey man, talk to management, I just play what they tell me to”. You know it used to be that record companies paid the radio stations to promote the music (sometimes in bags of coke), then they just got free albums, now the RIAA actually expects radio stations for the privelage to play music. Without promotion, the record companies have no income, because if you don’t hear about a new artist, how are you going to buy it? I give the RIAA 2 years before they implode.

  6. June 9

    Miss K told me to check this out, and I’m digging it thus far! What’s the melodic synth rock track that plays @ 61 min. in? It doesn’t appear to be on the tracklisting, but it sounds kinda like Kitaro or Vangelis. What a fun mix, keep up the great hybridization across space & time! ALL MUSIC IS CONNECTED. 🙂

  7. June 10

    the melodic synth rock track that plays @ 61 min. is, in fact, Vangelis. Part of a mashup entitled “The Wonder Is All Around Us.”

    Thanks, tim!

  8. June 10

    @MrFab: Thankya, I IDed the Vangelis track as “Alpha” from the album Albedo 0.39.

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