The Skints Are Learning To Swim

Yes another post? So soon? Posts are like buses here, you wait for one for ages and then three come at once!

Had to post this because, well, it blew up on Twitter when I shared it (thanks to the band, *mwah*) and I think it’s a great tune…Deffo for the next podcast! Again, cribbed from Don Letts Culture Clash which I really should listen to more often (he shook my hand once you know….actually I admit it was the other way around at a Specials gig – I see they’re back as well – but in my alternate reality universe he was shaking MY hand).

Anyway enjoy this slice of Punky Reggae (Swimming?) Party where heavy rock ripples and Pixies splashes meets an island of lover’s rock and reggae vibes. The single is already out, and album out in Spring called appropriately ‘Swimming Lessons’. Glug!

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