Radio Clash 64: When I’m 64 I want an Anal Staircase

Some mashups, some covers, some originals, some voicemails, some brass bands, some laughs, some tears, some don’ts, some pointless rambling lists, you know the drill.

And yes I’m 64 so you need to offer your seat to me on buses, and give me some respect, young man!!!

Free buspass but no teeth here (39Mb, 68:55)

  • The Vines – Don’t Listen to the Radio
  • DJ Paul V. Cheney’s Got a Gun
  • rx – Dick is a Killer (from
  • DJBC – Build My Life (from Let it Beast)
  • message from viridescence
  • Bad times in Podcast Land – death of Gussie/Juan and Funtime Ben/Diane breakup
  • Low – When I Go Deaf (from The Great Destroyer CD)
  • Supercollider ft Octofish – Black Metal Tarantula
  • A Duckie Visite
  • Scissor Sisters – Filthy Gorgeous (fettdog’s unclean mix)
  • No Bra – Munchausen (from Rough Trade Counter Culture 05)
  • The Peddlars – On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (from Tom Middleton’s The Trip)
  • Soulwax – Streamer – Start Button (feat. Private Thoughts in Public Places – from 2ManyDJs vol 2)
  • David Shrigley – Don’ts (from Rough Trade Counter Culture 05)
  • The Whoboys – Rolf Buster (from A Mash Get Smashed)
  • message from dysfirkin
  • Katzenjammers – Cars (from Rough Trade Counter Culture 05)
  • William Fairey Brass Band – Pacific 202 (from Acid Brass)
  • Robert Mellin Orchestra – Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Main Theme) / Clangers (from Tom Middleton’s The Trip)
  • Josh Rouse – Straight to Hell


  1. February 23

    I love that dick is a killer mashup.. loved it back then and how appropriate now more than ever.

    fear not of podfatigue… embrace it.. sorry I was trying to be zen or catholic but in the end i dont do either.

  2. February 26

    I’ve only just discovered Radio Clash through my friend Scott who copresents the Night Nurse podcast but I’m going to be listening every week from now on. Fantastic show. The dick is a killer track is well amusing, the Beastles one really works, and the Pendulum remix is just awesome. Nice work.

  3. PunkRockster
    February 26

    I love your podcast, thanks, just discovered it.

  4. April 3

    wow, great podcast. i’ve just started making my way thru all of them, this is the first one i’ve listened to, and so far its great. appreciate it – tyler

  5. April 4

    thank you all! 😀 This one seems to have gone down well (so to speak) 😀

    October 4

    West of Bastard – did you say West of Bastard?

    • October 5

      Probably – I went a few times around this time, and then DJ’d a bit later.

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