Ghostbusters Remakes

Ghostbusters: The Musical HAS to be made!

Quite funny how Leslie Jones is bitching about not being in Ghostbusters 3, I mean her version didn’t exactly set the world on fire – it didn’t lose money but not the massive blockbuster it was supposed to be, hence Sony canned a sequel.

The proof is in the box office receipts, and doesn’t matter how many column inches something gets about it being the ‘right time’, people going ‘this is a feminist triumph’ if those people don’t actually then go see it. If you don’t get the bums on seats, then it’s a bust(er).

I suspect the controversy helped a film that would otherwise have sunk without trace, actually…but I’ve never seen it so am not qualified to comment on it, apart from the fact the trailers looked so terrible I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. Not cos it was fronted by women, it just looked like a lame duck of a film.

The actual response after the cappuccino classes stopped screaming seemed to confirm this. But maybe it’s amazing? Sorry Leslie, that’s the business…if you don’t have a massive hit for a blockbuster, you don’t get any more since marketing etc. is expensive a film has to be many times recouped. I doubt G3 will be any better tbh even with more penises.

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