An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space

The Beatles back catalogue is a gift that keeps giving, even when you’re the most jaded, some outtake, some stem, remix, or even mashup drags you back in. I was so OVER Beatles mashups especially with hiphop til I heard this.

It starts off like every mashup album you’ve heard before (especially Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, B*astl*s, Breakbeatles, ccc’s mashups, Kleptones etc) and is a little overlong (I think it would’ve made an ace single album with maybe developing some of the shorter bits)…

But stick with it, cos the second half delves into the more obscure/psych funky/black Beatles covers, and I think that half works really well.

Given the remixer Tom Caruana last did a Wu vs Beatles mashup album, unsurprisingly the Wu-Tang related mashups work the best, but also Salt N’ Pepa (frustratingly too short), Nas vs She’s Leaving Home (ditto), Gravediggaz, KRS-One and Viktor Vaughn – cloud rap works surprisingly well. #40 will piss off a certain ex-Boston Beatles mashup DJ though, and maybe a Welsh mashup producer LOL – although I think that works better than nearly all attempts to use Hey Ladies or Hey Bulldog. Even the Biggie – Lonely Nights I really like, and I NEVER like Biggie mashups. Ever.

It’s a free download…while you can. (via Ian Fondue)

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