RC 157: Beatles #5 – Tragical History Bore

In the 5th installment of the Beatles episodes, we go all happy-duppy, wear afghan hounds with rainbow piece signs, take a lot of LED with the Coolage Acrid Test and thankfully miss the Maniacal Hystery Tour Bust to Milton Keynes.

Buses are a total pain, so let the Train take the Strain! (67Mb, 87 mins)

  • Rutles / Tragical History Tour – Piggy in the Middle
  • Jimmi Jammes – Sgt Pepper’s Paradise (extended)
  • Who Boys – Two Tribes
  • team9 – taxman vs lovesong
  • ccc – tax jam pollution
  • team9 – Back in Zdarlight
  • Ill Chemist aka The Breakbeatles – Feel Alright
  • team9 – eleanor rigby in my head
  • Wendy Carlos – Eleanor Rigby
  • Soulwax – Beatles vs Kraftwerk
  • Jimmi Jammes – Trippin’ Up
  • Ill Chemist aka The Breakbeatles – Back to the Top
  • Ill Chemist aka The Breakbeatles – Take this, Brother
  • Pilchard – Rita got loaded
  • Kleptones (original US band) – I See Rainbows (for Yoko)
  • Soundhog – Thinking of No-one
  • ccc – Close to No-one
  • GHP – Pinnochiohead on LSD
  • Mutation – Fabtasia
  • Evolution Control Committee – Lucy in the Stretch
  • ccc & Ill Chemist – Kelly Watch the Hole (from Cracked Pepper)
  • Soundhog – A Day in Tracy’s Life
  • Fall – A Day in the Life
  • Johnny Cash – In My Life
  • Laibach – Across the Universe

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