Ballet Zoom – Rescate Espacial (Space Rescue)

OK fallen down another internet rabbit hole, this time a Spanish Pan’s People dance troupe called Ballet Zoom. To say they are odd is an understatement, but the cosmic funk/disco of Space Rescue is also a really good song! Love it…the dancing is rather frenetic though. Seems they released a few records, like Pan’s People.

More space disco, although seemingly with a Radiophonic solo over the top?! DO THE ROBOT!

A selection, from Crumpl chicken versions of In The Mood, Cats, a Soul Dracula that gets a bit rapey, to see-saws and a dancer singing Tutti Frutti like she’s having a fitti-fitti. I guess the odd thing is this is during the fascist leadership of Franco…keep em entertained? (first video Equilibrio via Awkward Family Photos – err, thanks…not)

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