RC 178: Tim and Kirk Show – Whatever Happened to Baby Jade?

Kirk comes back from popping out to the shops, only 2 years late…

We talk about The Curse of Glen Cambell, how my DJ program predicts our IQs, Rude shipping forecasts and Lewis’s butt, rip-off band names, 1986, bounce baby bounce baby bounce, Hovis 2: The Revenge on DVD and play some cheesy reggae, silly tunes and some cool stuff and some not so cool stuff…

Do you want a cornetto? And what IS the Colour of Max Clifford? (73Mb, 102 mins)

  • …2 years later…
  • Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
  • The Spirit of Morph
  • Kerry Katatonia
  • The Curse of Glen Campbell
  • Mobile Phone Subliminals
  • Sopwith Camel – Hello Hello (from MILK)
  • Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts
  • Not the Tim that does the Podcast
  • Cake Recalcitrance
  • Black Kids – I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again)
  • Sparks – Now that I Own the BBC
  • Tempo IQ
  • Black Lips, Alison Keys, Steadman
  • Attack of the 50ft Atomic Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • 1986 sucked
  • Claire and Friends – It’s ‘Orrible Being In Love When You’re 8 1/2
  • Monie Love – It’s a Shame
  • P-break
  • 1986: The Manual
  • Mike ‘Pancake’ Smith
  • You’re My Recession
  • Wedding Present – Give My Love to Kevin
  • Spike Jones – Black and Blue Danube
  • Kirsty MacColl – Theres a Guy Works Down The Chip-shop Swears He’s Elvis
  • Kirsty and the Replicants
  • Bounce music
  • Cheeky Blakk – Bitch Get Off Me
  • Sissy Nobby – I Wish I Could
  • Blade Runner: The Final Final Cut
  • Hovis 2: The Revenge
  • Bob and Marcia – Young, Gifted and Black
  • Cheesy reggae link
  • Piglets – Johnny Reggae
  • Rude Shipping Forecast
  • Butt of Lewis, Inspector Morose
  • Pete and the Pirates – Mr Understanding
  • Specials AKA – (What I Like Most About You Is Your) Girlfriend
  • Allergic to brackets
  • Simpson’s digits
  • Chicago – If You Leave Me Now


  1. loktky
    March 6

    Thanks man you guys rock!

  2. frank
    March 9

    yeah new podcast! thanks you gentlemen.

  3. June 18

    Thanks chaps, I’d almost totally expunged ‘It’s ‘Orrible Being In Love When You’re 8 and a Half’ from my memory. Wonder what Claire’s doing now, given that she’ll be about 30?

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