Annie II: Electric 90’s Boogaloo

The 1990’s revival, or another attempt at making that era into another 80’s theme night seems to be in full retrostalgia swing. Like This Is England ’90 where it didn’t so much jump the shark as put it in a tank and exhibit it. (No-one outside of a rave looked like this in the 90’s! I went to college and art school then, no goths nor ironic Top Gun types to be seen even in the North. Oh Smell’s ‘Hot Mess’ comment? Let’s use gay in-slang from 2007 in a period piece! :-/)

But some of the 90’s detritus is worth unearthing, like the shakuhachi ambient vibes of pop goddess Annie Strand’s comeback with Richard X – ‘Out Of Reach’. Someone has been paying attention to PC Music and all those Sea Punk / Chillwave bands! Sunny vibes for a dark winter.

And some nice skippety-skippety house (I was right, you know…I called that years ago and now you can’t move for ‘Deep House’ 90’s style) in WorkX2, again produced by RichardX:

Not so into Dadaday which gives me flashbacks to Blue or Ace of Base, which given the latter’s past, I’d rather not…

But the EP ‘Endless Vacation’ is out on October 16th – I think I will be getting it 😉

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