The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends

Loving the pop-culture mashups of Butcher Billy including these Post Punk Super Friends series. MORRISSEY SMASH! I don’t use the M-word lightly – but looking through his online portfolio you will see similarities to a some of mashup cover work out there. I can see why clubs want his graphics, would be great to see his work aligned with mashup nights/clubs as that would be a perfect fit. (via Ian Fondue)

Siouxsie as Scarlet Witch is amazing:

Post Punk Super Friends Butcher Billy Siouxsie

They’re part of a series, and here’s an earlier one with Ian Curtis as Batman:

Butcher Billy Ian Curtis Batman

And another more modern icon as Wonder Woman:

Butcher Billy Amy Wonder Woman

And a whole American Psycho = here with Bateman as The Comedian:

Butcher Billy American Psycho

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