RC 268: 16-bit Show Part 2 – Amiga Dreams

Second part of the 16-bit show and it’s Amiga time, with tunes from various demos, Amiga games, tracker tunes new and old, Amiga Remixes and more 8-bit and 16-bit arcade tunes, even taking us to the modern retro-futurist day with music from Legowelt, Actress, and games such as Fez and the Utopia influenced by what came before.

And I always wanted to create my own Amiga demo as a teenager (we did…kinda…extra brownies if you could find that, it IS still out there but I’m staying mum on what it’s called) but couldn’t program starfields and blitter balls for shit. AmigaDOS or BASIC was about it then…so hence this mockup mashup cover of what it might have looked like!

Also sprinkled amongst both shows are sound clips from these games, most in this show converted from my original Amiga samples from 1990-1993. Did you spot them all?

Mega Lo Mania, Valhalla, Gauntlet, Marble Madness, 720, Lemmings, Gem-X, Captain Blood, OutRun, Bubble Symphony, Arkanoid I and II and some unidentified game-type vocals.

You might recognise a few already, since some of these crept into the music of me and my friends at the time Amiga OctaMED Music. DESTROY! Hi I’m Kiki! DO YOU LOVE ME? The Skull from Valhalla was the epitomy of co-dependent, passive aggression and domination, I have to say…


#00000010.48454C50 Time For The Guru! (Click The Guru To Continue. 5D, 7F)

  • Tim Wright & Brian Johnson – Lemmings Intro
  • Gibs – Xenon 2 MegaBlast
  • Bomb The Bass & Richard Joseph – Xenon 2: Megablast (CDTV version)
  • Bomb The Bass & Richard Joseph – Xenon 2 (daXX step 2 dub Remix)
  • PowerTrace – Gods
  • John Foxx and Nation 12 – Into the Wonderful
  • David Whitaker – Underwater
  • Olof Gustafsson – Nightmare
  • Tim & Lee Wright – Forest of Zeakros
  • Richard Joseph & Jon Hare – Cannon Fodder Theme
  • Wild Copper (Patrick Pose) – Star Scroll (I Love You)
  • Diablo – Kaosmodule (Budbrains Megademo 1)
  • Diablo – Yoafrica (Budbrains Megademo 2)
  • Graham Gray – Jesusone-1
  • Zgun – Infinito (Pxtone)
  • Abfuku – Exceed Limit
  • Ed Cox – The Tetris theme tune
  • Adam & Joe – Tetris
  • Steve Turner – Rainbow Islands (Amiga)
  • Steve Turner – Rainbow Islands Boss Theme (Amiga)
  • Steve Turner – Enter Your Name from Rainbow Islands (Amiga)
  • Wally Beben – Elite Danube Waltz (Amiga)
  • Hal Canon and Brad Fuller – Marble Madness Level 1
  • Actress – Maze
  • Legowelt – Railroad Romantics
  • Cristobal Tapia De Veer – Utopia Theme (8-Bit Game Version)
  • Haruki Tsuchiya – Bit Music (Excerpt)
  • Disasterpeace – Home
  • Zebra – Trailing Beauty’s Shade
  • Hiroshi Miyauchi – Last Wave
  • Disasterpeace – Forgotten

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