Bomb the Bass – Mega Dis

Oh this is odd timing – been recently revisiting Bomb The Bass’s Megablast by way of Xenon 2 (Kirk specifically requested it to play when we had a games evening recently, I then went and found the CDTV version with all the remixes!) and now in honour of the 25th anniversary of Bomb The Bass a special 2013 medley version of Beat Dis and Megablast is out today. Bought!

Nice to see the video keeps the late 1980’s trend of dancing in front of projections too, although why no Amiga? 😉 Should’ve added some wavy demo scrollytext for instant 90’s cred!

I suspect the new additions of synths and bass lines might owe as much to the fact being one of the first sample cutup records along with M|A|R|R|S, the original version is pretty much impossible to clear legally… (via Lee Spoons)

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