RC 259: Pop Is Dead #4 – We Hate The Kids (And Rock and Roll)

Fourth in the Pop is Dead series, and it’s all about hate – hating rock and roll, hating the kids, hating the hangers on, hating the Spice Girls, hating the fakers, hating music even. Oh and a little bit about Britpop False Memory Syndrome / Fake Nostalgia.

The cover features as well as the classic Sex Pistols stuff, several of the teen fashion shops in the US selling Punk by the Pound, as if you can go punk in 5 easy steps (one of the graphics says GO PUNK! which apparently means shiny iPhone covers and new leather jackets?!). There’s been a lot of debate about the frankly awful Misfits merchandise, and Ramones jumped the hipster ship years ago – but also surprised to find Clash and Crass on those sites (maybe they’re being ripped off like Minor Threat was) – and a really funny ‘Anarchy’ tshirt with the model trying to be all Black Bloc Chic. Err…Oh and one site is selling a Britpop costume, so you too can look like Liam or Noel! :-/

The only thing I find really offensive is the COBAIN 27 tshirt. 27 being the age he killed himself – we don’t need to perpetuate the myth of the 27 club any more.

Well I hope it means those kids check out the music, or even better make their own – that would be a far more radical thing than wearing a label to a long dead subculture.

Haters gonna hate, and write good songs about it. (158 Mb 2:03)

  • Please Stop Talking About The Pixies
  • Helen Love – Long Live The Uk Music Scene
  • The Mountain Goats – Anti-Music Song
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain – I Hate Rock N Roll
  • The Replacements – I Hate Music
  • Anti-Nowhere League – Can’t Stand Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Pet Shop Boys – How I Learned To Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • Denim – Middle Of The Road
  • Fisher And Marks – We Love Rock N Roll
  • The Cribs – Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?
  • Dethklok – Fansong
  • Neil Innes – Catchphrase
  • Crass – White Punks On Hope
  • Period Pains – Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?)
  • The Fall – Rebellious Jukebox (Peel Session 15/6/78)
  • Denim – The Great Pub Rock Revival
  • Sparks – What Are All These Bands So Angry About?
  • B. Dolan with Buddy Peace – Open Letter To Justin Timberlake
  • Credit To The Nation – Pay The Price
  • Shame 69 (Richard X) – No Business
  • Saint Etienne – B92
  • Denim – I’m Against The Eighties
  • The Cribs – The Wrong Way To Be
  • Joy Zipper – Hitsville Uk
  • Saint Etienne – Teenage Winter
  • Neil from The Young Ones – No Future (God Save The Queen)
  • The Indelicates – We Hate The Kids


  1. That Richard X track – never heard it before – but is a sample of LCD Soundsystem or Killing Joke’s “Change” ?

    • May 18

      I don’t think it’s a sample, more a recreation of the LCD track…

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