Eddie Pedalo The EP

Loving this new tune from Eddie Pedalo, other tunes on the EP go from true oldskool rave/gabba mashup flavour to house, but this is more recent squelchy breaks sort of thing (who knows what ver kids call it now*).

Good to accompany your fireworks party/rave/V for Vendetta storming of Parliament. *cough*

(* Unrelated rant: I still can’t get over ‘Tech-Funk’ or ‘Neurofunk’ meaning basically the sort of drum and bass I used to play here, Apex, Spor etc and we all knew and loved as hardstep, industrial drum and bass or techstep, there is nothing neurological, funkier nor techno about that music? Dumb terms. I was listening to KoolLondon and they were going on about Tech-Funk and I’m like WTF? That’s tech/hardstep?

Why do we need loads of new terms for exactly the same fucking thing just because it’s a new generation and some journalists need some extra copy? FFS. Dillinja and Aphrodite were doing this years ago, it’s not changed that much, if at all. Throwing in a few spoken word samples or horror stings does not a genre make..nor make it ‘deep’, ‘neuro’ or ‘funk’.).

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