72: The event

As well as being released and played in part on XFM, 72 the collaborative mashup project will have a live mashup event in London on Thursday 29th October at Loom bar from 7pm-1am with many mashup DJs in a continuous moving mashup feast! Idea is like the old Bastard ‘Bring Yer Own Boots’ – each DJ brings 3 tracks but similar to 72, one track at a time, in order!

This means the night has a dream DJ list of many people picking just the best 3 tunes, which I think should provide great if chaotic results – totally in the spirit of Bastard! And like Bastard it won’t just be mashups, but I’m sure you’ll hear a few 😉

I will be DJing (well putting on 3 tunes) as well as:72

Freelance Hellraiser
Bush No.10
Jez Celebrity Murder Party
Joel 90
Lee Spoons
Eddie Pedalo
Scott Cairo
Gara Gara
and Pom Deter, who ran the 72 project with Eddie Pedalo.

I’m sure many more to be added! Should be a great night, it’s free so come on down, the mashup’s lovely! And it will be one of the few (read: only) events you will see me anywhere near DJ decks in the near future since I am officially retired 😀

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