Higella & Crysal Methodists


Wondering how long before something like this popped up, this is very funny…I quite like Nigella, dislike Saatchi and the ‘revelations’ don’t bother me at all. I’m all for decriminalisation – preferably legalisation – all the way.

A lot of the media and establishment are totally hypocritical over their drug use – a bit like the Crystal Methodist working for Lifeline, they push anti-drug messages while snorting, drinking and partying like crazy in private. One unrelated thought – how did they get the text messages of Mr Flowers? Hopefully not hacking?…never trust a rent boy, I guess…

Can’t help feel sorry for him too, although unlike Nigella his mess is much more self made and dodgy financially. Does reveal some of the double standards that are in play, though….I doubt he’d be as hauled over the coals if he was straight, it’s a Daily Mail tabloid witch hunt.

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