K-Tel presents Pure Crap Collection

LiarTown K-Tel Pure Crap Collection

I bought this album once – surprised ‘Invisible Tits’ by Peppermint Churchfire isn’t on it though., memories via LiarTown (NSFW, some porn-related images, although I did LOL at the Homonculus, the Porn magazine for Gay Satanists).

And this one is doing the round from LiarTown – interesting how quite a few parents get all huffy at this over on Facebook. This one goes out to the parents with screaming children in cafes and pubs. No, it’s not an ‘inevitable part of childhood’, since I have actually travelled to other countries where the children are expected to behave and are not allowed to run riot – in Mediterranean countries, for instance. Children are usually everywhere in cafes and bars abroad and they do mostly behave, and when they don’t people are tolerant (‘wonderfully child friendly’ (c) Mumsnet) because it’s not the norm to allow them to be Screaming Hell Monster and ignore it.

And if they insist then you go home leaving others in peace and don’t reward them with nice cafe treats until they learn to appreciate them and behave well (and all society teaches them the correct behaviour – just try doing that here :-/). Someone pointed out ages ago that the English middle class hate their children (I’d argue some of the working class do as well, although not as much) and it does seem to be a strange dislike or distrust of wider society which leads to an entitlement disconnect and thus allows bad behaviour in their kids.

LiarTown - Your Child Is An Asshole

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