Train tracks

It’s not often I get a demo email from a rail company but Gatwick Express has commissioned 30 minutes of music from Philip Sheppard then Benga and The Milk have recorded their own take on it.

It’s a mad idea and could go wrong in so many ways, but as you can see from the Benga video it seems to work, as does the others. Classical inspired 30 minute dubstep about trains? Get in! I get the influence of Night Mail in this, in fact Philip Shepard said “I have appreciated the romance of rail ever since I first saw the famous Night Mail documentary.” talking about it. If you don’t know that classic from GPO films combining the talents W.H. Auden and Benjamin Britten check it out (the most famous bit is half way through):

Apparently you can get the new tracks by booking the Gatwick Express online to play on your journey. Interesting idea, and I hope it catches on – cooler than having some pop drink anyway, and I don’t mind promoting train journeys – much better for the planet 😉

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