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I’ve added a tip jar to the blog, something that after nearly 8 years I feel slightly embarrassed about, but sadly this stuff doesn’t pay for itself…I’ve not got any money coming in at the moment, and certainly I would never run ads or try and monetise the blog (the very word chokes in my mouth, let alone the idea). But needs must, so any donations are gratefully received.

Also in the past was I worried any monetary ties to the mashups/podcasts could cause problems…well, after this time they can have the grand total of 5 pounds (yes that much) I’ve made from this blog (well actually the sister blog, Digital Debris). Woo! yeah! Go me. Yes international fame and superstardom and throwing TVs from windows (that’s not very nice, I hope you take her heels off first) is right around the corner…

That’d feed Lady Gaga’s shoe/muppet habit for about a millionth of a second…but the IFPI/RIAA/MCPS-PRS are welcome to share it between them. 😛

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