Behind the scenes at PodcastCon2006 – blog roundup!

As I said in RC#99 I was interviewed by Gill Mills and Rob of TOTP at PodcastCon, along with Night Nurse Show and many people attending the event, and the results are up on Podshow’s site (or here’s the direct link to the 200Mb file). Watch to see Natasha fall over and the sign revenge between me and Scott of the Night Nurse Show…if they kept those bits in!

Thanks Rob and Gill! 😀

Also now up is some non-Flickr pix from Christian of Documentally including ones of me and Stefan from the Night Nurse Show – I spoke to Christian at the event and he seemed like a really nice guy, I was pestering him for pro photographer tips as he goes around the world as a photo journalist.

Oh and by far the best write-up of PodcastCon2006 (yes 2006, not this Marty McFly time travelling I did in my blogpost!) is this one over at Blog Relations. Although I don’t feel it was one body providing the us vs them (no not even Podshow whose low chilled profile was a masterstroke, and worked well) but there was that vibe of old media vs new media….

And I see that Mark Hunter and a few others I’ve heard commenting about the music panel questions still focusing on music we can’t (officially) play and that we should focus on the music we can play – I think when either the legal wrangles over ASCAP, RIAA and MCPS-PRS are sorted, and/or big viable alternatives to the mainstream route that bands and artists take starts luring serious talent away, then that conversation will change.

I mean The Shakes are great, and will be big, but 99.9% of the podsafe music I hear doesn’t make me want to throw away my CD collection just yet…


  1. I spent a lot of time as a teenager scouring through record stores such as the Record Exchange in Jamaica Street, Glasgow, looking for indie bands, obscure bands etc because I wasn’t interested in having a record collection built around UB40 and Queen. It was hard bloomin’ work finding stuff that was any good. Nowadays I can have a music podcaster do the sifting for me. I’d be very disappointed as a music podcast listener if all of a sudden I was deprived of new music because now the ‘caster can play U2.

    The Shakes? Not anywhere near as good as Amplifico, Finniston, The Twisted Melons or StopStarts. Sadly the bands that played at PodcastCon, while decent, were too pop radio station friendly for my liking and ultimately maybe lacking a bit of substance, Slashed Seat Affair aside. If I was a sceptic re. new/unsigned music, I think my suspicions would have been confirmed….

  2. November 24

    Agreed about the music – Jimmy Golding wasn’t my bag, I think I popped my head around to see another band with bongos (unless that was him too) and popped right out again.

    The Shakes? Well I liked their style even if the songs weren’t all my bag – and as I said about Liberty Jones, I hope the title is about liberating David Jones (nee Bowie’s) back catalogue as it’s rather too close to songs of his for my liking (I was singing those words along to their track, bootleggers eh?)

    Dunno maybe I should check out your podcast for once 😉 Just that judging from the massive brown tidal wave I get from Myspace of bands or ones that send me stuff, the few I get time to listen to, so far only maybe 1 or 2 in the last 2 years have been so good and original I wanted to play them, and did. I’m sure the new (insert favourite band here) is there maybe but I usually don’t have time to wade through all the Razorlight/Muse/Bloc Party copies.

    I have my doubts thought that something like The Gossip or Datarock (2 bands I’m extremely loving atm) would come through the podsafe scene atm.

    Maybe we should do a ‘battle’ mashup podcast where I produce something I like, and you produce something podsafe and better? 😀

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