Justin Bieber should wear a mask

Just for the last person who’s not seen this (me probably)…this mashup by isosine with the lesbian moppet poppet Justin Bieber (Generation Y’s Donny Osmond – FACT) actually makes Slipknot listenable. 😉 Probably heard it at a Bootie somewhere and didn’t realise…unless this is too hard even for them? Shows you how pop Slipknot is, which is why I avoid them…if I’m going for something angry and HARD I’ll listen to Meshuggah or Krallice or some warped death metal cover of Britney or ABBA or somesuch. 😉

Via The Gingerzilla…interestingly on his blog post he mentions the lead singer Corey loves this mashup! Strangely I don’t mind Rebecca Black (someone show him the death metal version!) or Bieber, although I avoid the latter cos of the Beliebers hence not knowing about this mashup. I have heard the death metal version of Baby – I posted it here ages ago in fact!

I think it needs more sleigh bells though, Psychosocial sounds almost festive…oh and on the Official Slipknot YouTube I read it as ‘All Hope Is Gone from iTunes’ as the album name…too right, sheila, too right.

Relatio Clash

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  1. Tim thanks for this – very pleasant surprise to find this today. I have no idea how I missed it. I really like this track but it’s for the moment where Corey starts and it whacks a smile on my face. A nice silly mash. Slipknot are on the pop side tho’ now you mention it. I think it’s coming out more as the years progress. You should have added sleighbells for an Xmas special to tie in with justin’s cash in.

    BTW I did hear Death Metal Friday by (ahem) Rebecca Black. It was funny but not for long tho. I find mashes like that work best if the play for a minute as the joke doesn’t stretch far enough. Now thrash covers work quite well!

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